August 8, 2017

Stabilize Your Home With Professional Foundation Repair

For a homeowner, there are few scarier moments than realizing the foundation of your home is shifting. You might notice cracks in the walls or basement floor, or a suddenly slanting porch, or even loud sounds coming from a room. At first, it might seem like an insurmountable problem. The good news is that there are experienced experts in residential foundation repair in Oklahoma.

The Right Company 

Finding the right foundation repair contractor in Oklahoma shouldn’t be too difficult. Look for a company that is experienced and has been in business for a number of years. The company should offer a free, no-obligation evaluation of your home, without any undue sales pressure. The representative should be able to clearly explain the job and answer any questions you might have, as well as provide information on warranties.

Look for a contractor that offers fair and honest pricing and that can put you in touch with satisfied customers. If you can find a local, family-owned company even better.

The Right Job 

There are many different approaches to residential foundation repair in Oklahoma, so it is important to make sure the solution fits your situation. If it is a crawlspace that needs shoring up, a pier and beam system will likely be best. In this case, a system of steel and concrete supports will be added to the structure of the home. A typical home in Oklahoma needs about 20 of these supports, but it depends on factors such as square footage and the geology of the site. A job like this can often be finished in a day.

A more complicated job might require steel piers. These durable steel wall pipes can reach a depth of 30 feet and rest on load-bearing strata or rocks. The system design ensures that all of the piers work together and are interconnected. This system should come with a lifetime warranty that stays with the home, so it is a great feature when you are selling your home.

A third option is to have concrete piers installed to stabilize the foundation. In this case, the supports are made of quality concrete. It is the most cost-effective system on the market and the materials are engineered specifically for foundation repair. This system also comes with a lifetime, transferrable warranty.

When you find the right company, residential foundation repair in Oklahoma should stabilize your home. You should be able to rest easy knowing that your home’s foundation is solid.

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