June 23, 2017

RV Camping Tips For Seniors

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RV travel and living has been a growing phenomenon amongst seniors for many decades, and is now seen as an accepted way to spend retirement. After decades of working and staying rooted, seniors are taking to the American roadways in their golden years. Now that individuals are living longer, healthier, more active lives, the sky truly is the limit when it comes to retirement. With thousands of RV parks and camps available across the US year round, not to mention hundreds of RV rentals and resources available, there has never been a more robust support network for RV travelers of any

For senior travelers, RV camping offers the ability to enjoy the scenery, fresh air, and adventure of the open road without the need for sleeping outdoors or setting up tents. An RV is essentially a house on wheels, offering many of the comforts of home without actually being confined to a house. If you are retired and have been considering setting out onto the roadways, RV travel is the most comfortable option and does not deprive you of any of the adventure you seek. Below you can find some useful tips for RV adventure as a senior.

At First Try Renting

If the high price tag for your average fully-loaded RV is frightening to you, plus if you are unsure you will enjoy RV travel and are just looking to experiment with an initial journey, then you can always rent. RV rental is available at thousands of locations throughout the country. This way you can try out an RV adventure without having to take the financial plunge.

Map Out Your Journey

Once you have chosen your destination, or destinations, make sure you have mapped out the closest RV friendly campsites. The last thing you want is to be stranded, so make sure you have located a park that can accommodate your RV size and make. You can also get better rates if you book ahead, and you won’t run the risk of there being no available space to camp when you get there.

Test Out The Driving

Operating an RV is different than your average car. RVs are larger and can feel unwieldy to handle at first. Make sure that anyone who will be operating the RV takes a test drive to figure out and get comfortable with the general handling, the passing of vehicles, parking and backing up, plus the operation of the devices. This will save you considerable trouble once you get out on the road.

Water And Electricity

You are going to need these important aspects anywhere that you camp. Many RV sites offer these services for a higher price, but as a senior this may be a sum well-worth parting with. The convenience of having electric and water hookups will make your experience incredibly more comfortable and enjoyable.

Make A Camp Checklist

When you set up camp for the first time, it may feel overwhelming. You run a much better risk of forgetting an important aspect as a first-timer. This is why you should compile a camp setup checklist before you hit the road. Write down all of the important steps such as checking the hookups, setting the awning, and securing the vehicle. While these may seem obvious now, a list will come in handy when setting up that first camp.

Retirement doesn’t have to mean a stationary existence, so consider hitting the road for an RV adventure!

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