June 24, 2017

Port Ghalib: Middle East Luxury HolidaysFor Tourists

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For a long time, Egypt was not a prominent tourist destination in the Middle East and North Africa, as it was always overshadowed by Dubai and nearby Morocco, but that has proven to change with the entry of Port Ghalib into the holiday destination market. Port Ghalib,which sits on the shores of the Red Sea has proven to be a top tourist destination and as a leading tourist destination in the Middle East and North Africa. With average temperatures of 28 degrees during the summer months of May to October which are also the busiest, Port Ghalib is one tourist destination you ought to visit.

Luxury Hotels

With a wide range of international hotels, Port Ghalib is truly a comfort away from home. Most of the hotels in Port Ghalib are managed by the family owned Red Sea Group, which has a reputation for managing the best hotels in Egypt. Most of the hotels are characterized by services such as outdoor pools, garden and terraces and free parking.

Proximity to an Airport

Another factor that has contributed to the growth of Port Ghalib as a tourist destination is the fact that it’s only 5 minutes away from the Marsalam international airport which not only serves local carriers but also international carriers. The Marsalam airport is the only privately owned airport in Egypt.

Wide Range Of Activities

Port Ghalib is home to one of the best Middle East Luxury Holidays. It is one destination where you can get to enjoy all the leisure activities that the sea has to offer and also the land. The camel yard is one of the most common activities and it also gives you a firsthand feel of what it is like to ride a camel in a desert. The camel yard has its own calendar of events running all year that include children’s festival races and camel races. One can also journey through the desert using the 4by4 safarisand quad bikes. There is also a wide range of water sports that you can choose from. Snorkeling is a common sport in Port Ghalib. With the sea scope submarine; you can easily take photos of the red sea marine life without necessarily having to dive. If you are a sailing enthusiast, then you would be amazed by the Catamalan cruise trip, which starts from 8.00 in the morning to 14.30 in the afternoon.

Giant Selection Restaurants and Cuisines

Most of the restaurants in Port Ghalib have realized that most tourists visiting are not local but rather international and hence they have incorporated Italian, Spanish, Indian and other cuisines into their menus. The Divino pizzeria offers the best Italian cuisine in Port Ghalib. The restaurant operates from 12.00am to 12.00pm every day. The Bicafe not only offers a chance to sample Egyptian cuisines, but also has a Shisha bar.


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