December 12, 2017

Important Things to Know When Applying for a Singapore Visa

Traveling enthusiasts will admit that Singapore is one of the destinations that one cannot miss when doing a tour of Asia. There is a multitude of things that make this island-country a must-visit place. This includes its exciting nightlife, awesome cuisines, breathtaking skyscrapers, secure surroundings and booming businesses. Gaining access to Singapore may be difficult due to the strict and complicated visa process. Recently, there has also been more work on visa rejection then there was two years ago. To overcome all the hurdles involved in applying and processing of visa, like settling on the right visa to Singapore, and making the applicant’s profile stronger to ensure success in the application, one can take info from this source singapore-visa.net for tailor-made solutions which guarantee success.
So, what are some of the things that one needs to be aware of before applying for a Singapore visa? Read on for a comprehensive list one must look out for.

Passport validity
All persons visiting this city-state must have a passport whose validity expires at least six months after the time of leaving their country.

Return ticket
The traveler must have a return ticket or an onward ticket by the time of applying for the visa.

Means to live on while at Singapore
The visa applicant must prove that they have enough resources to sustain them during their stay at Singapore.

Some reason to make the applicant get back to home country
Those applying for Singapore visa are tasked to prove to the immigration officer that they have some commitments back home that will make them get back there. Such ties may include a family, or business, among others.

Persons exempted from the entry visa requirement
Holders of formal diplomatic passports, who are Indian citizens, are exempted from the visa requirement on entry.

Also, passengers who are in transit and have two isolated tickets can pass through without a visa, unless they have got in aboard a budget carrier or are to depart on the same.

Mode of application
The application for a visa can only be made via an electronic system that allows for online processing of the same, and the request for the visa must be submitted strictly to only the approved agents.

Visa application fee
All applicants must pay an application fee once they hand in their application. The amount spent on the request for the visa is not refundable irrespective of the outcome. Besides the application fee, the formal agents will also impose a specific fee per individual application.

Duration of processing the visa
It takes one working day to have the visa processed, excluding the day of handing in the request and any official holidays and weekends.

Generally, the above are the things that one needs to be aware of by the time of applying for a Singapore visa. The applicants need to be informed that granting of a visa in itself does not automatically allow one free-entry as they must meet the other entry standards. These include having a valid passport, a return ticket, and enough funds to live on during their stay.

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