November 28, 2017

How to Choose the Right Stand Up Paddle Board

SUP boards have been rapidly growing in popularity. What was designed to be a simple way of paddling in the water has now emerged to be one of the greatest water sports in the modern world. The origin of this sport is believed to be Hawaii but some other sources indicated that its first introduction was Polynesia. However, it has become a favorite hobby of surfers and athletes all over the world.

The popularity of this exercise or sport has been on the rise recently. All you need to enjoy paddle boarding is water, a SUP board and a paddle. The boarder or paddler stands on this wide designed surfboard and propels themselves forward by paddling. The bigger the SUP board, the better the stability and the easier it is to paddle in a wide variety of water conditions.

In order to benefit from this amazing sport, you need to take time to find the right board for you. There are so manySUP Boards options available in the market that it can be hard to find the best board for you. Get the right design, material, shape, size, and length of the paddle board that will suit your body type, and the kind of paddling you want to do. How will you be using the SUP? Do you want to paddle on calm lakes or rivers, go paddling in the ocean, or try your hand at SUP yoga?  While most individuals prefer to use it during workout, other people use it for water based activities like fishing.

The appropriate SUP has to be compatible with the height and weight of the user. It should also be in line with your skill range and individual goals for paddling. Also, consider your chosen location when making a choice on the right board. A person who wants to surf in calm waters can go for a flat-water or recreational SUP. Some of the common recreational activities include workout-based boards, for yoga, or boards for fishing. Most of the surfers who target flat water conditions normally go for longer and broader SUPs. Some like SUPs that have some additional volume to increase stability. If you are an experienced surfer or beginner, you can choose long or small boards with higher or lower volumes depending on several factors, like how advanced a paddler you are.

There are some high-performance SUPs that are more suitable if you wish to go for wave surfing. Most of these boards are approximately 10 feet long. If you have wave riding skills, you can control and maneuver high performance SUPs with a lot of ease. This kind of standup paddle board enables surfers to have better speed and control.

For professional surfers who intendto compete, the race SUP or hybrid is a better choice for you. This is a light weight SUP board that is highly responsive if you compare them to regular models. You can enhance the performance level further by finding the right shape and size for you.

SUPs come in various designs are manufactured from different materials, so consider which is better for you, a carbon model or something different. Boards range from mid to high expense so it’s important to make the right choice if you’re investing in a SUP board. You can always get some recommendations from experts to avoid making the wrong decisions. Or visit your local SUP rental shop, and try a few different kinds of boards to find the right one for you.

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