Choose Your Best Paris Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

In this small write-up, we shall try to review and compare briefly two bus tour options for Paris, which offers you hop-on-hop-off, night bus and guided tours so that you can decide which will be best suitable for you.

Most of you after walking the alleys and streets of the Paris, may like to explore the city through any hop-on-hop-off bus. This will help you to cover more ground and you can rest your feet. Also, it can be great for your whole family.

These tours services also provide audio-commentary in number of languages. In addition to that, you also get the chance for either Seine-River cruises or any walking tours as a bonus. There are two major companies who offer such hop-on-hop-off bus tours.

This kind of bus tour is most popular in most of the city. They provide large double-decker and open-top buses, which will drive all around the city. They have set routes and also multiple stops. Anyone can choose their attractions of the city where they want to alight and visit as and when they feel like. They can always hop back after they have finished at any of the current location.

Tickets for such tours are usually valid for 24/72-hours depending on the type of service that you have chosen and also you can again get back onto your bus as many times you like.

  • Big Bus Tours

Here it is called as “Les Cars Rouges and they are in this business since 1991. In Paris, they are one of the well-known “hop on-hop off” bus tours. It is an international organization and their services are available in almost all parts of the world, and are quite popular too.

There are total ten important stops on their route. Whatever iconic places of Paris you may like to visit, Big Bus tour will cover all of them in their route.

You will find most of the reviewer rated it with 3.5 star and above on TripAdvisor, which means it has both good and few not so good reviews. Having said this, there seems to be not too many complaints about this tour and hence it is very unlikely that you can be unhappy too. If you do close review then you will notice that more than 1,000 people have rated them with 3 stars or more.

  • L’Open Tours

This L’Open Tours company is the Paris branch of Grayline, which is a well-known international company for sightseeing.  Their hop-on and hop-off tours offer 4 different routes with total of 50 stops and you can get an access to 100 or more notable visiting sites in Paris.

Certainly, this company gives above company a big-run for their money with so many numbers of stops, in case you are really interested to visit so many locations then this can be the best option. However, remember that it may take more time to visit all the locations during the trip, so you need to consider longer tickets if you plan to see everything.

L’Open Tours usually gets 4.3-star ratings in most of the reviews however few visitors have complained that they provide too many routes, and therefore most of the tourist cannot get enough time in a day to see everything during this tour bus.

For few, this may look like a negative comment but several others in fact have appreciated this aspect of their service.

Besides the above two, there are many options for your Paris bus tour. No matter what is your choice you can always find something that will fit as per your needs.

You may also visit the website and get to know about many other options for touring Paris.

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